HIGHWAYHOLIDAYSIdentity, Iconography, Brand Merchandise and Apparel
All pictures byLoïc Pignier

WHITETRASH BARBERBranding, Brand Merchandise and Apparel, Identity system, Environment Consultation and Design

LE BIERODROMEBranding, Brand Merchandise and Apparel, Packaging

BROKE & STOKEDBrand Merchandise and Apparel

GREEN TERRABranding & Identity system

Branding, Merch design, Album cover design, Prints & Identity system

Animated album art for Pedigree

3 short animations for Tripsitter

DEATH BY COFFEE is a personal project born in 2013 mainly inspired by my daily coffee overdoses and set up as a creative output outside of client work.
Since then, I've used DBC as an alias and an opportunity to produce limited runs of apparel and various merchandise mainly to improve my skills but also as a way of discovering the process of product design. From the first sketches to the packshot.

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Hi, i'm Tom. A Graphic designer and illustrator with a master's degree in clinical psychology.
The former usually helps me to cope with the latter and vice versa.
Welcome to my online Portfolio.
If you wish to work with me, have some questions or just want to say hi hit the contact button and shoot me an Email.